Marie-José (MJ) Bourassa, B. Commerce, CPA, CA, M.A.

President & CEO

MJ will show up in your workplace as a woman of head and heart, with unconditional positive regard for all. She brings business acumen and empathic experience to support you in enhancing your performing organizational system.

MJ brings to you high proficiency in both the HARD and the SOFT aspects of management.  As a seasoned CPA, CA and holder of a Master’s degree in Human Systems Intervention, MJ helps you connect the mechanistic and humanistic dots of holistic organizational vibrancy. Her consulting approach is grounded in Open Systems Theory, empowering organizations and employees to embrace constant co-adaptation for learning, growth, and relevance.

Her well-travelled professional journey as a business executive, corporate director and senior manager in Big-Five Consulting boxes has led her to contribute to significant outcomes in a diverse range of people-centric transformations across sectors.

MJ believes in giving back to the community.  A life-long volunteer – from Girl Scout to Board Member of various NGOs and mentor at the Telfer School of Management – you will quickly experience MJ’s engagement to make a difference in peoples’ worlds.

MJ is putting her privileged experience of having worked with close to 100 organizations to paper.  She is currently conducting research for her book on Authentic Organizations – inviting leaders to rethink the synergy of authenticity, workplace wellness and measurable results.

Caroline (Caro) Lavigne, B.A.

Senior Consultant

If you are looking for creative, modern thinking to boost your team and bridge your organizational performance opportunity-gap, please meet Caroline. Beyond recommendations, her proven track-record for implementing solutions generates measurable results for your organization and growth for your staff.

Caroline is not a one-woman show; she collaborates with you and your stakeholders to develop strategically aligned business and people solutions befitting of your organization and responsive to your broader environment. Mastering internal people dynamics for success, Caroline delivers integrated engagement strategies, plans and tactics that express your leadership and enhances staying power for “the new way here”.

Caroline brings to you her positive, professional energy, attuned to your workplace. She is a seasoned, fluently bilingual management consultant and facilitator who has designed, developed and led hundreds of events for clients throughout varied mandates: from organizational alignment and professional development programs, to process improvement and culture-branding engagements.

Caroline is a LEAN certified, PROSCI Change Management Practitioner and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. Her underpinning studies in Psychology and Advertising pack a powerful combo for conveying ideas and messages that reach their target audiences. Caroline continues to develop herself every day and has now oriented her sights on her master’s studies in the field of organizational leadership and innovation.

Virginie B. Locas, B.A., LL.B.

Senior Consultant

You will appreciate the diligence, strategic and critical thinking that Virginie brings to your engagement. As a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar, she draws from her experience as a lawyer in the areas of labor and administrative law to support her clients on several fronts of organizational and human performance. 

Shining a light on leadership, governance, alignment and culture through workplace assessments and investigations, Virginie provides a restoration blue-print and hands-on support to bring about desired and relevant change.   

As you collaborate with Virginie, you will experience her ease to work in both official languages with groups of all sizes and her adeptness at leading interventions in group dynamics, workplace behaviors and de-escalation of conflicts, contributing to workplace wellness.   

Virginie combines her education and experience with current leading certifications in organizational leadership (HEC Montreal)change management (PROSCI) and workplace investigations (HRPA) to design holistic interventions that combine systems- and people-centered approaches to ensure your organization is aligned for optimal performance. 

Virginie holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa as well as a Bachelor of Law from the University of Montreal. Staying true to her passion for continuous learning and development, Virginie is completing leadership studies at the HEC and is studying to becoming a certified mediator. She has been accepted to the Master’s program in Dispute Prevention and Resolution at Sherbrooke University. 

Leigha McCarroll, MPNL. 

Senior Consultant

Leigha has a focused interest on how knowledge mobilization and knowledge management influences organizational development and behaviours. This fuels her ability to strategize effective ways to mobilize resources in a way that will help you transform evidence into impact.

You’ll appreciate how Leigha incorporates her multifaceted knowledge into her research, analyses, plans and strategies to provide you with whole-of-system recommendations for organizational alignment and effectiveness.

Leigha has applied her competency in leading organizational initiatives for knowledge exchange and management across a wide range of sectors. She leverages this experience to assist in the mobilization of information to guide a variety of initiatives from policy development to organizational effectiveness improvements.

Leigha has a strong sense of community involvement, serving on a Board of Directors as well as volunteering her time, allowing her to apply her passion toward the service of others in Canada and around the world. In line with her interest in community development, she enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge. She has designed, developed, as well as facilitated hundreds of lectures, consultations, focus groups, and workshops of all sizes.

With a passion for continuous learning and improvement, Leigha is pursuing her studies as a PhD candidate in the Public Policy program at Carleton University. She holds a Master of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership from Carleton University, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa.

Noémie (Emie) Verdin, B.A.

Business Analyst

Noémie has an entrepreneurial spirit, an analytical mind and a caring soul. This trifecta is packaged in a young and driven professional that brings a gust of positivity as well as intelligence to your project.

Noémie was immersed in supply chain management early in the family business and contributed to a wide range of strategic plans and business processes. This valuable experience, coupled with her agility to connect pieces, results in strategic recommendations to improve your organizational effectiveness.

As a recent Communications graduate from the University of Ottawa, Noémie has an inquisitive, enthusiastic and thoughtful energy, providing you with fresh perspectives to consider. Combined with her work experience, Noémie has been exposed to various organizational systems, giving her an understanding of diverse business processes and workplace dynamics.

Noémie’s organizational and communication skills, paired with her ability to read between the lines while taking initiative, have been a fundamental asset to the seamless proceedings of many projects. Her desire for continuous learning as well as her passion for organizational effectiveness have driven her to complete her Lean Management Certification. Noémie is hard-working, diligent, organized, fully bilingual,  and continues to develop new skills in organizational alignment and effectiveness with a goal of adding more value to your future projects.


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