New Website RFP: Leafers Looking for Webers

NewLeaf Performance is a business management consulting firm that collaborates with clients to create sustainable human centric solutions to meet performance goals.

We see ourselves as our own laboratory, through which our humanistic management approach enables us, and our organization, to continuously learn, evolve and co-adapt to the environment. We define ourselves as open and collaborative, aiming to empower and foster continuous learning for our peers. We enjoy our work, we value making a difference for our clients, and we do so while having fun.

As our firm continues to flourish, we have now outgrown our current website and are looking for a solution adapted to our environment.

The NewLeaf team (or Leafers as we like to call ourselves) is now looking for an awesome web design and development team (or Webers as you may (or may not) like to call yourselves) to work on our new website.

If you would like to receive our website RFP (Closing date: August 31th, 2020), please send an email to [email protected] to request your copy.

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