At NewLeaf Performance we support a wide variety of organizational needs for enhanced performance across the spectrum.


“The art of remaining relevant in an evolving and often unpredictable world.”

  • Team retreat to take a fresh look at where the organization is, to explore more deeply the drivers pressing it for change, to articulate a clear vision and strategies to get there
  • Review and design of the strategic planning process and active support throughout the planning exercise
  • Strategic financial plan and financial viability assessment
  • Community engagement of over 1,000 agencies to enable leaders to substantially influence new government policies
  • Integrated Performance Management Frameworks, Programs and Dashboards
  • Strategic Succession Planning and Talent Management Programs
  • Talent Acquisition and Executive Search
  • Competency Model Development and Competency Assessment

Change Management and Large Scale Change Initiatives

“Bridging the hard and the soft stuff.”

  • Enterprise Change Management Assessment/Internal Audit
  • Business Model Evaluation and Design
  • Financial Management Function Modernization
  • Human Resources Management Function Review
  • Culture and Climate Surveys, Analyses and Strategies
  • Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) Results debriefing, workshops and action plans
  • Government-Wide Horizontal Transformation Initiatives – from planning to delivery support
  • Change management program to transform culture and practices of a financial organisation undergoing a $80M business transformation
  • Citizen-centric business transformation project involving processes, organizational structures, job functions and technological tools

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Learning

“The insight to grow individual and collective leadership competencies.”

  • IT Transformation post-mortem with IT, business owners and users
  • Emotional Intelligence team day for a large voluntary sector organization
  • Leadership development programs and workshops for a corporate school of management
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Coaching
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Executive team coaching for transition to an agile and synergistic management approach