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Leadership and Mental Health in the Workplace

Just like the ever-changing seasons, organizations must constantly adapt to their environment, whether it be strategic objectives, human resources or organizational climate. Because an organization is only as effective as its employees, it is necessary to take care of them…

What we do

We are Organizational Effectiveness consultants.

We offer you Strategy, Business Transformation, Change Leadership, Human Resources and Communications talent to complement your own.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations to help you Lead. Engage. and Act. to Fulfill.™ your performance objectives.

Clients we serve

Our office is located in Ottawa, and serves our clients in English, French and Vietnamese.

We work closely with public service administrations, private and public companies, universities, colleges and NGOs.

How we work

We work collaboratively with you to create a sustainable solution to address your performance needs.

This means applying systems thinking and taking a holistic view of your needs to ensure organizational alignment.

Our approach builds engagement, ownership and sustainable capacity for continuous improvement.